About Tammy Tawadros

After studying psychology at undergraduate level at University College London, Tammy spent a number of years working in health and social care, also in London. She went on to build a career in learning and development – becoming a talent manager responsible for a number of professional and management development programmes in the UK. Tammy later gained an MSc in HR/Organisational Consulting (with distinction) and has been working as a highly successful coach and organisation development consultant for many years.

Tammy has designed and delivered numerous leadership development programmes, complex change assignments and professional development programmes over the years. Tammy is an Associate at Bayes Business School (formerly Cass), an Adjunct Member of Faculty at Ashridge Hult Business School . She works across multiple sectors including financial services and media, charities and non-profit organisations, local and national government and the UK National Health Service. Her international work has included assignments in Africa, the Caribbean and the Middle East. Tammy has made a deliberate choice to work across many organisations and multiple sectors in order to strengthen her expertise by combining a deep understanding of psychology, coaching and organizational consulting with the richness of experience that comes from the ‘cross-pollination’ of ideas to develop effective practices.

In Tammy’s own words

Extracts from interviews with Fiona Anderson BBC journalist and owner at Creative Coach and Garry Jenkins, author and journalist

“Helping people with change has been a huge theme in my life. The seeds of my fascination with the way people work were sown over twenty years ago when, after studying psychology at undergraduate level, I spent time working in the health and social care professions in my hometown of London.

Given the nature of my work back then, I often spent time helping families, individuals and groups of people who were in distress. I soon learnt that showing empathy and working with people to achieve change paid greater dividends than trying to ‘tell’ or to do things on behalf of others. I always felt a huge sense of satisfaction – and yes, sometimes pride in being able to understand and help them make changes to their lives.

I was interested by the way people interacted and how they built relationships. Most of all I was intrigued by the way they dealt with upheaval and change.”

“Over the years I have learnt to hone my ability to understand and get alongside people grappling with the challenges of organisational and work life. Combining curiosity with compassion has been a hallmark of my practice as an organisational consultant. I enjoy helping people and organisations develop and succeed. And helping remains at the heart of what I do. I focus on finding ways to get organisations to perform more effectively through and with their people.

Drawing on many years of training in group dynamics, psychology and organisational behaviour – the methods I use are grounded in research from these behavioural sciences. The way I work is psychologically informed and evidence based: using models, psychometrics and techniques that are proven to work and easy to embed and sustain. Techniques from strengths – based and positive psychology that cultivate a solution focus and build resilience. Strategies that are drawn from the human relations tradition- that develop awareness and a deep understanding of the emotional and social world of leaders, teams and whole organisations. Methods that build insight, trust, engagement for people and lasting changes in the effective performance of organisations.

My approach can appear deceptively simple. I listen to peoples’ stories, no matter how challenging, partner with them to agree what interventions to use, and I help them make systematic changes, applying psychology that works.”

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