Relational team coaching

Relational Team Coaching is a state-of-the-art reference book detailing what makes team coaching effective, with a focus on being able to work at a relational level within the here and now, about what is going on in the present in the team and between the team and the coach.

The scope of the book is comprehensive, exploring challenging and topical issues. Part A presents an introduction to team coaching and to a relational, integrative approach to team coaching, providing access to all relevant background, research and case studies of team coaching in action. Part B deepens how this relational philosophy looks in practice and what it means for choices and working methodology of the team coach. Part C, finally, explores how the team coach can step up to face or address the more challenging or professional aspects of practice (e.g., of contracting, diversity and inclusion, and the shadow side of boards).

This book is an essential guide to relational-based effectiveness in team coaching. It will be a key text for all coaching practitioners, including those in training.

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