Managing Organisational Change

Managing Organisational Change

Between a rock and a hard place?

Change is an inevitable part of our working lives.

And it doesn’t matter whether that change originates from inside or outside our organisations, how we deal with it defines our success – or failure.

There is nothing permanent except change.

— Herakleitos (c. 532–c. 475 BC )

Our futures depend on how we manage transformation.

As a coach, organisation development consultant and work psychologist, Tammy has spent her career helping people to manage all kinds of change and to engage with the art of change in order to make choices that help them get unstuck and generate new ways of seeing and behaving at work.

From CEOs to front-line workers, multinational institutions to NHS Trusts and local government departments, Tammy has supported organisations and individuals through times that have often been exciting but have also been traumatic.

No matter how daunting the present may seem, Tammy will work with you to forge a stronger and more successful future.

So if you or your organisation is facing a period of change contact Tammy to help you through this process.